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What are Intelligent Transportation Solutions?

The applications that help in sensing, analyzing, controlling and communication of technologies for the purpose of improving ground transportation are called Intelligent Transportation Solutions. With the rise of popularity of the idea of smart cities, where the commute is a crucial factor, Intelligent Transportation Systems have become an indispensable element of society.

Many organizations worldwide have started providing Intelligent Transportation Solutions because, in modern times, it is considered a multidisciplinary conjunctive work field. . The objective of delivering Intelligent Transportation Solutions is to achieve travel and

traffic efficiency by minimizing on-route problems.

A wide range of applications are offered by Intelligent Transportation Solution providers like ASME that process and share data to improve traffic, ease congestion, build efficient infrastructure, increase transportation benefits, minimize environmental impact, and much more.

Importance of Intelligent Transportation Solutions

There are various benefits of availing Intelligent Transportation Solutions. The reasons why Intelligent Transportation Solutions are required are as the following:

— To decrease the time taken for commute by increasing the speed of traffic movement and lowering the rates of accidents.

— To make transportation systems more efficient and secure by implementing control technologies and using data and active communication.

— Intelligent Transportation Solutions helps tackle the rising congestion because this congestion results in an increase in commute time and costs industries a fortune.

— Intelligent Transportation Solutions help in overcoming the inadequacy of road development.

— With the use of modern technology and high-end equipment, Intelligent Transportation Solutions provider can help in improving the attractiveness of public transport.


What are the Advantages of Availing Intelligent Transportation Solutions?

— Speed control and commute infrastructure improvement

— Emergency incident management

— Reduction in delays occurring at intersections

— Improvement of commute time

— Capacity management

ASME Provide:

We provide high quality and affordable Intelligent Transportation Solutions to our consumers. The services offered by us include:

  • Vehicle Systems: Vision Enhancement, safety readiness, lateral and longitudinal collision avoidance, etc.
  • Emergency Management: Emergency notifications like hazardous material and incident notifications etc.
  • Commercial Vehicles: On-board safety monitoring, Fleet management, vehicle administrative processes etc.
  • Traveller Information: Route guidance and navigation, pre-trip and on-trip information, etc.
  • Traffic Management: Traffic control, infrastructure maintenance management, demand management, etc.
  • Public Transport: Public transport and shared transport management etc.
  • Electronic Payment Safety: public travel security, electronic financial transactions, intelligent junctions, etc.

Our experience has taught us that high-quality equipment, methodical consultation, sound design and professional installation services give the consumers the results that they expect to get from a solution provider. Additional to the mentioned qualities of our service, we also provide prompt customer support and guarantee on our work. It is because of this that our consumers trust us and rely on us without any hesitation.



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