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The primary ESAS function is to analyze any undesirable movement in the guarded space and to inform the owner of a building of such movement. Other obvious functions include personal protection by alarm activation based on signals from the features “person in an emergency” or “system decoding under pressure.”

All information may be transmitted to the Central Protection Panel (CPP) with continuous monitoring service and escort group available, or alarm and other conditions may be directly transmitted to your cell phone via SMS or spoken voice message. Being instantly informed on any alarm, you can immedi-ately react and significantly reduce risks associated with burglary at your home.

Never forget that prevention is essential. Unfortunately, most customers do not think about of securing their homes until after their stressful experience of being burglaries resulting in financial losses being higher than the security system purchase price.

Basic ESAS elements include: ESAS switchboard, keyboard, alarm elements (both outdoor and indoor sirens), probes (infra passive, glass shattering, infra-barriers, magnetic contacts, shock probes, emergency warning devices, etc.) and communicators. Also fire probes and gas sensors can be connected to current ESAS switchboards.

ESAS is an essential part of up-to-date security systems in supermarkets, department stores, hotels, banks, garages, town centers, administrative buildings, airports, railway stations, industrial plants, entertainment and sports facilities, police and army facilities. ESAS are available to everybody and are worth installing not only in houses, but also in chalets, cottages, etc.\

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  • Complete elaboration of project documentation with optimumsolution design• Security system installation, programming and activation
  • Sale of all accessories in the given field
  • Training of users and technical services
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