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The technology driving nurse call systems has evolved into a world of digital and networked IP-based systems that have helped to improve patient care in hospitals. Nurse call systems are becoming more intuitive and easy to use, with specializedoptions designed to handle patient requests. Nurse call systems continue to expand their capabilities beyond life safety provisions. Targeting improve-ment in patient satisfaction, staff communications and operational efficiencies, features that used to be considered optional are now standard.

New technologies produce flexibilityThe IP infrastructure allow hospitals to use off-the shelf structured cabling, which reduces installation time, enables faster troubleshooting and sometimes allow facility personnel to perform their own maintenance.

The integration of nurse call systems with other data and communi-cation systems is a key development in era of information, where each system in hospital has the ability to collect data. nurse call solutions include both workflow andstaff assignment capabilities. In addition the ability to integrate with telephony and secure messaging systems. Systems also interact with hospital informa-tion systems (HIS) by using intelligent devices in the patient rooms. These applicationsgive hospital employees the ability to call other staff members; place a staff emergency, normal or Code Blue call and locate patient information.

ASME Provide :

  • Complete elaboration of project documentation with optimumsolution design
  • Nurse Call system installation, programming and activation
  • Sale of all accessories in the given field
  • Training of users and technical services
  • End To End Nurse Call Solutions
  • Nurse Call Elements
  • Hand Sets
  • Room Control Units
  • Nurse Panels
  • Code Blue Systems
  • Voice Platform
  • Corridors Text Panels
  • Smart System


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