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While it is competent to trust people, sometimes trust can be misused. That is why security technology is so essential, as it reduces risks by removing human understanding. High-quality systems for security give peace of mind – one can rest assured that their people and assets are safe. Security is a necessary cost. However, with integrated security systems that provide cost-effective building operations and energy savings, individuals or organisations can create real business value from their investment into security.

Benefits of installing modern security systems on your property:

Modern systems of security have numerous benefits to both the property’s owner and its users.

Provides peace of mind for the owner of the property

Increased safety (experienced and real) for building users

Lower costs the insurance.

Minimise the risk of theft, vandalism and burglary

Quicker response from rescue and police units


What are the elements of modern security systems?

Depending on the client’s property, many technological solutions keep people and assets inside and outside safe. Given here is a long list of potential solutions for monitoring and control, which all benefit from being connected to their building management system.

— CCTV monitoring

— Door and gate intercom systems

— Access control, including visitor management system

— Intrusion Detection systems

— Connected alarm transfer systems:

– Alarm Management

– Burglar alarm

— Perimeter protection

— Fire detection systems, integrated with:

– Safety lighting

– Emergency exits and sign lighting

– Door control

– Voice evacuation

— Voice evacuation

— Locking systems

— Fire extinguishing systems

– Gas extinguishing systems

– Kitchen extinguishing systems

– Foam extinguishing systems

– Extinguishing accessories (fire blanket, powder)

– Smoke extraction

– Water sprinkler systems

What should a person get with from good security and safety solutions:

  • Full lifecycle from build and design to install, maintain and operate
  • Cost-efficient solutions, which are cloud-based
  • Available as a service or as a one-time investment
  • Extensive security expertise, constant training assures that the provider’s people are always up to date on the most advanced security technologies
  • One contract, one contact for all disciplines
  • Nordic and National coverage- associated solutions throughout the Nordics

ASME Provide:

Our experience has taught us that methodical consultation, high-quality equipment, sound design and a professional installation give the consumers the service they expect. We always provide our consumer’s guarantee and support services, due to which they are satisfied with our services and are relying on us.


Some of the services provided are:

  • Complete elaboration of project documentation with optimum solution design.
  • Extension of existing CCTV system
  • Sale of all accessories in the given field.
  • Indoor and outdoor CCTV system in existing buildings
  • CCTV distribution systems in industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Training of users and technical services



  • Hotels and resorts
  • Roads
  • Campus
  • Metro

ASME is a one-stop-shop security concept for maintaining your property safe. Our highly experienced technicians use scalable open platforms with long lifecycles, which means no individuals are not locked down to one product supplier. You will stay with us because you want to, not because you have to