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The Telecommunications team specializes in the sale, service and support of state-of- the-art business communications products and systems. Our team partners with you to make sure your communications decisions are the right ones.

In recent ten years a new technology – IP telephony – has developed as one of the first prototypes in technology which overcomes a standard voice transmission in many aspects and has such features the common telephone exchange cannot offer. The current boom in this technology comes at the expense of standard voice services. The transfer of voice services through an IP protocol up to the user’s table has become an every-day reality.

Voice transfer over IP has the following advantages

  • Utilization of unified data infrastructure for both computer and telephone network
  • Possibility of connection to a local voice service provider from any global locality
  • Protocol standardization – possible use of wide range of hardware from various manufacturers
  • Possibility of telephone exchange connection via a WAN network or the Internet anywhere in the world free of charge

IP telephony is now a verified technology which offers a comparable and often better functionality and reliability than conventional telephone systems. Cisco Systems offer an open architecture that provides a solution to voice transmission from the infrastructure to applications and, thanks to its open interfaces and protocols, allows integration with the applications of other manufacturers or tailor-made function modifications.

ASME Provide:

  • Complete elaboration of project documentation with an optimum solution design
  • Private branch exchange installation including the telephone distribution system
  • System setup and activation
  • Training of users
  • Technical Service

The Telecommunications team consists of experts with extensive experience with projects ranging from government organizations, to hotels, to large Corporations. Our sales staff and engineers are continuously trained and updated on the latest technologies in the Telecommunications industries.

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  • IVR Solutions
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  • Mobility Solution for Office
  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Wi-F Solutions
  • Video Conference


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