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One of the most misconceptions about telephone systems is that they’re just related to ‘phones’.
People often consider and contemplate systems of the phone to be simple ‘boxes on the wall’ that control the network of your phones, but this is not the case.

So, what are the various types of telephone system?

The three main types of the Business Phone System are:

Traditional, On-Premise PBX
Hosted VoIP Phone System

Traditional, On-Premise PBX:

The PBX or ‘telephone switch’ is considered the granddad of business telephony. Each person has a set extension, using the same system that is unique to them. A PBX takes all of the calls on those lines and all of your incoming lines and serves them up to the extension that is correct.

Of course, there are many more features, such as; call recording, call queueing, on-hold music, transfers, and more – but at heart, a traditional PBX controls your businesses’ telephone calls.


The updated version of the traditional telephone system we talked about is VoIP PBX or VoIP telephone system.
Both traditional, as well as VoIP PBX systems are very similar; they both control your businesses’ calls.
The key difference between the VoIP PBX and traditional is the types of technology they use and how the systems work.
A traditional PBX uses digital lines or analogue, called ISDN, whereas a VoIP PBX uses your data connection or broadband to make and receive calls. VoIP can be substantially cheaper than the traditional alternative.

The added benefits of a VoIP phone system
Whilst the basic phone system of VoIP remains similar to a traditional phone system; they do come with some added benefits.

Benefits including:
1. Higher-quality voice calls
2. Free calls between sites
3. Preparing for the ISDN switch off
4. Using one system for multiple sites

Hosted VoIP Phone System

The hosted VoIP system is the final type of telephone system. A hosted telephone system is the most flexible, modern type of telephone system.
A hosted telephone system of VoIP does away with the ‘box on the wall’ model and instead uses the cloud telephony platform. This platform serves as your business telephone system.

Hosted VoIP has a lot of benefits when compared to traditional on-premise solutions, these include:
• Cheaper than a PBX
• More flexible
• Less maintenance and installation costs
• High-quality voice

ASME Provide:

Some of the services provided are:

  • Vehicle Systems: Vision Enhancement, lateral and longitudinal collision avoidance, safety readiness etc.
  • Traveller Information: Pre-trip and on-trip information, route guidance and navigation etc.
  • Commercial Vehicles: On-board safety monitoring, Fleet management, vehicle administrative processes etc.
  • Traffic Management: Traffic control, demand management, infrastructure maintenance management etc.
  •  Electronic Payment Safety: public travel security, intelligent junctions, electronic financial transactions etc.
  • Public Transport: Shared transport management, public transport management etc.
  • Emergency Management: Emergency notifications, hazardous material and incident notifications etc.

Our experience has taught us that methodical consultation, high-quality equipment, sound design and a professional installation give the consumers the service they expect.


  • Hotels and resorts
  • Roads
  • Campus
  • Metro

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