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Closed Circuit Television system is a very significant means used to monitor a situation at exposed and important places not only for security reasons, but also in terms of manufacturing processes, ensuring video surveillance, control operability and possibility to reduce final costs. CCTV systems are useful especially as a support of standard ESA systems. In certain special cases, they can even take over some of ESAS functions.

The main elements of black-and-white or colour CCTV include: cameras, monitors, video switches, multiplexers, video matrices, analogue and digital recording devices, communication paths (metallic, optical), or audio components. The necessary accesso-ries include all-weather camera covers, brackets, rotating heads for cameras, additional lighting in a visible and infrared light spectrum, etc.

Current systems allow almost unlimited control possibilities (positioning, focusing, zoom) and remote audio and video transmission, even at long distances using either coaxial or optical cables or new data networks with a TCP/IP protocol. Transmissions through microwave or laser links are also possible and GSM technologies in connection with the Internet are used more frequently.

IBesides known applications, CCTV systems became an essential part of up-to-date security and control systems in supermarkets, department stores, banks, garages, town centers, administrative buildings, airports, railway stations and bus terminals, industrial enterprises, entertainment and sports centers, and police and army facilities.

ASME Provide :

  • Complete elaboration of project documentation with optimumsolution design
  • CCTV distribution systems in industrial and commercial facilities
  • CCTV distribution systems as a part of building construction
  • Indoor and outdoor CCTV systems in existing buildings
  • Extension of existing CCTV systems
  • Sale of all accessories in the given field
  • Training of users and technical services

We have experience has taught us that thorough consultation, good design, high quality equipment and a professional installa-tion provide the customer with the return they expect. The customer satisfaction, reliability and ease of use which result pay returns to us when it comes to guarantees and support.

  • End to End Surveillance solutions
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