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The crucial push to live as the leader of the domain which is provided by the wave of transformation:

If we view the latest statistics, about 38% of your current competition is looking onto leveraging advanced telecommunication solutions. We ensure that you will want to outsmart them at their own game. The interference of technology has to reduced complication and high-end advantages. Businesses have to face many challenges; however, the industry is now adopting leaner operational methods for increased result and precision with technology.

ASME aims at harnessing that with our inventive telecommunication solutions providing you time to focus on next-generation services, including hi-speed internet, OTT/ IPTV, VOIP, IoT and much more. We give you foster innovation, increase your efficiency

to ten folds and operate at reduced costs. With enhanced experience and better data management at ACME, we give you a possible and trending solution to embrace new technology and grow on private and cloud platforms.

Some of the benefits of telecommunication solutions are:

  1. Improves efficiency in Communication

Through wireless and wired modes, telecommunication services provide the network for information to be exchanged and transferred electronically. This information is shared from room to room or across the country. Some of the examples include telephone, fax machines, internet-connected computers and handheld communication devices.

Tablets and smartphones have maximized capabilities through mobile Communication. Employees can utilize these devices to access information and applications, send and receive emails, work on documents and join conversations via teleconference.


  1. Increased Flexibility

According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work from home has grown 115 per cent since 2005. If your employees are required to frequently travel for client meetings and training or have remote employees in your organization, the appropriate telecommunication services can help them stay connected.


  1. Enhanced team collaboration

Suppose you have cross-functional teams within your organization who work on corporate initiative, programs, products and marketing campaigns. In that case, they usually get together daily to discuss progress and share various ideas. Telecommunication services offer the access and communication capabilities required to bring employees together and progress on any joint ventures.


  1. Premier customer service

From the origination of the telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone stays one of the most relied upon methods of Communication. Customers pick up the phone and call your company because it is convenient, provides instant gratification and reliable.

The ability to connect through the Internet 24/7 has become necessary to your ability to service these customers. Communication among your company and your customers can reinforce your brand and your relationship with your current and possible clients; however, to do this, you require a dependable connection.


  1. Saves costs, time and office space

Telecommunication enables employees to virtually attend meeting and training, due to which one does not need to spend hours on train or plane just for participating in a discussion. Through their gadgets, mobiles or PCs, they can participate in meetings to interact and present their views, which saves them a lot of time. A business can’t afford to run without using modern telecommunication tools.

ASME provides: 

Some of the services ASME provides for telecommunication solution:

  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Engineering and R & D services
  • Transfer Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • App Modernization



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  • Hitech
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  • Finance
  • Healthcare
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