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What is the Triple Play Service or Solutions?

Triple Play Service or Solutions is a term used in the field of telecommunications that implies a bundled service that consists of three main or primary components: voice, video and data – everything under a single package or subscription.

In other words, we can say that it is a service that provides provisioning over a single internet or broadband connection, through which we get broadband internet access, HDTV and HD calls with low latency.

What are the benefits of using Triple Play Solutions? Why should you choose it over your regular internet service?

The main benefit of using Triple Play Solutions is its usability or user-friendliness. The service which provides all the three primary needs of technology from a single service provider and under a single subscription is always a good deal for the user.

This also results in lower prices as a single connection with voice, video and data is much cheaper than having all the three connections separately. Hence, it does not make a hole in the pocket of the customer.

There is a stable supply of the maximum bandwidth for the users with minimum latency and a significant reduction in network investment due to a single package subscription.

What are the technical requirements that a user needs to have to use the Triple Play Services?

There are a few requirements for Triple Play Solutions to work properly without any issues:

— Triple Play Services require high bandwidth to work as both data, and video services require higher bandwidths.

— With increased bandwidth, this service also requires low latency for high definition and disturbance-free voice services.

— The services also need a device that can support the seamless working of all three services as a single device is much easier to use than maintaining three different devices for each of the services.

ASME Provides

  • Complete installation from beginning to end as a part of their packages.
  • Installation and future services by trained and experienced professionals.
  • Customized solutions and services as preferred by the customer.
  • Sale of spare parts or accessories in the required field.
  • Proper documentation of the service provided and ideal solution designs for best results.
  • Use of new and updated technology to provide the best facilities in the market.
  • Frequent quality checks and after services by our professionals for a seamless experience by the user.

With our experience of years in the field of services and solutions, we provide you with the best-in-class services with our expert professionals for a hassle-free user experience.

We work with a plan made by our experts in the team and use high-quality products and equipment and follow the correct installation methods to get our job done. We also take our customer service support very seriously and provide our customers with guarantees. So, our consumers can entirely rely on us for their Triple Play Solutions without any hesitation.



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