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EFAS immediately detects and prevents fire from occurring. It is particularly used in industrial facilities, hotels and at places with a high concentration of people, such as shopping malls, theatres, movie theatres, railway halls, etc. EFAS is a fully automatic system designed to immediately recognize and indicate the fire, with accurate identification of the endangered area. EFA system may be directly connected to local fire fighter department and may automatically control fire fighting devices (sprinklers), fire doors, etc.

Through its detection device – fire probe, the Electronic Fire Alarm System indicates fire, temperature change, dangerous gases, flames or smoke. This situation is concurrently indicated through the detection line in the fire fighters central office. Operators will make an analysis of the given situation and takes appropriate actions.

Device activation causes a fire situation subject to applicable fire rules and activates other equipment designed to sound the fire alarm as sirens, beacons, remote fire alarm transmitting devices communicating with fire-fighters or devices triggering the smoke and heat removal systems, and starts automatic opening of emergency exits, control of evacuation lifts and activating evacuation broadcast alarm or automatic extinguishers. EFAS can also be put into operation by another person who is directly involved in the fire situation using the emergency button. These emergency buttons are generally to be found on access paths.

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